Whatcha Doin' Monday Night?

January 24, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Do you like newly published chapbooks brimming with hilarious and
astounding work by young people? Do you like student readings? How
about juice, do you like that? Do you enjoy meeting people, and
talking, and feeling inspired? Are you wondering when we’ll stop
asking you questions?

Please, oh-won’t-you-please join us Monday night at our Open House? If
you haven’t been to our new space, it’s a good excuse to check it out.
It’s also a good excuse to: talk to us about our programs; give
feedback; ask questions; meet our students, staff, volunteers, and
parents; drink juice and eat pretzels; buy a copy of our new chapbook;
support our students as they amaze you with readings from
aforementioned chapbook; and just, you know, hang out on a Monday

The chapbook will be on sale for the low, low price of only $3. In the
words of our publishing intern, Jared: “Three dollars? Are you
This chapbook is one of the best things I’ve ever read! It’s
a steal at twice the price!”

Over twenty area students are published in the book, which looks a
little bit like this (except blue, red, or “emergency” red):

If I Ever Saw Mr. JK I Would Ask Him These Things

Includes such gems as: “Lucy was very sad, but she had the sense that
something was delicious,” “I had walked into seventeen trees, not had
a moment of freedom, and had to sit in the house all day,” “Even a
single ladybug climbing on the wall was a vortex, spiraling in front
of her dazzled eyes,” and “It was Lucky Charms day, and his mom gave
him stinking Cocoa Puffs. He hated Cocoa Puffs. They looked like
little rabbit poops. What’s grosser than poop? That’s right. Nothing.”

Hope to see you Monday night at 7pm!

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