What’s That? Do I Hear Some Rummaging?

August 22, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s vintage, unique, recyclable, and wants to find a home in your home! Wait! There’s more! Every beautiful purchase not only brings you closer to ending an unhealthy love affair with over-priced goods but fully supports 826michigan, bringing smiles to faces of all who hear!

Announcing the first ever 826michigan rummage sale, September 14, 15, and 16, from 9am-5pm. You’ve met the volunteers, you’ve met the students and it cannot be denied they are hip. Can you imagine what this dynamo group has been holding out on you, in their backseats, closets, and basement nook torture chambers? Guess no more, my friend: come, peruse, beat someone with a purse (at your own risk), all for that item you cannot live without!

What can you do to make this event a mind-blowing success?

  1. Location, location, location. After sifting through countless yard applications we are not sure we have found that perfect, within-walking-distance-of-downtown-A2, yard. We provide the tents, workers, and goods. You provide the yard.
  2. Work! Can we really call it work? Hang out, chill, read a random book, meet someone from Sweden all while watching for snatchers.
  3. Donate! Bring your spectacular goods to our TBD and soon TBA, A2 location on September 13, or arrange for pick-up by our lovely helpers.
  4. Shop, shop, shop! Let out your inner lady-with-a-shopping-addiction-Oprah-special-program self (all for a good cause, of course). Mark it on your calendars!
  5. All of the above or any combination of numbers 1-4.

Email Sarah with all questions, requests, comments, or other queries.

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