You Know What Two Blogs in One Day Means?

October 24, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

I’ll tell you: it means sweet stuff is happening. I thought about saving this one for later, but I’m still trying to get my brain around it, and so I must share. Today, Colby the service dog and I went back into Hikone’s Community Center. We do this every other Wednesday, and, for one lovely hour, Hikone’s charming students read to Colby (and, as a by-product, woo me).

Today, Antonio, a second grader with awesome dimples, came in with a Dr. Seuss book. He told me that it was his favorite book because it had a lot of rhymes in it. We both agreed that rhyming books are the best. Aren’t they? At any rate, Antonio then looked at me, very seriously, and said that that was how Dr. Seuss got his name. And then he said, and I’m mostly paraphrasing: “Yeah, because Dr. Seuss is a doctor because he puts rhymes in your body.” And here he tapped his ribcage. “And he puts rhymes into the book too” — and he shook the book — “because he sees books as bodies, because books are like that, so he’s putting rhymes into our bodies, and into the bodies of the books too. So he’s a doctor to people and books. And that’s why he’s called Dr. Seuss.”

Am I the only one a little bit in love with this?

Jerome reads to Colby. Am I the only one a little bit in love with this, too?

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