Ypsilanti's Intrepid Real Estate Guy, Tyler Weston

December 6, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

tyler again
Standing 6 feet 7 inches tall in a city that’s only 4.26 square miles makes it difficult not to notice Tyler Weston –a community-minded residential and commercial realtor, captain of the Ypsilicious basketball team, founder of the Washington Street (Cleanup) Club, and creator of the hashtag #YpsiOnFleek.
Tyler is witty, enthusiastic, and caring–everything one would want in a tutor, friend, and Ypsilebrity! When Tyler’s not coaching or playing basketball, helping to eliminate blight, or greeting Ypsilanti Community Schools students at elementary schools across the YCS district, you’ll find him at the Eastern Market recruiting new volunteers, or at the Washington Street Tutoring lab helping students write raps about their favorite food, or online encouraging his network to support 826michigan (by any means necessary!).
tyler westonIs it not obvious? Tyler Weston enjoys helping other people reach their potential. Speaking of potential, when word got out that 826michigan was searching for an Ypsilanti-based venue to host Mittenfest, who arrived first on the scene? That’s right, Tyler Weston! Thanks to his hardwork, this year’s Mittenfest is making a triumphant return to Ypsilanti at Bona Sera, a lounge-style eatery located in downtown Ypsilanti.


Here are a few other special Tyler-bits:
  • Tyler began tutoring with 826michigan at Ypsilanti Middle School in 2012.
  • Tyler was a contributing sponsor to team ‘fancy pants’ during Paddlestar Galactica 2015.
  • His Ypsilanti Real Estate Guy stats are as follows: 150 homes sales and he’s been in the business for 12 years.

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