April 2007 – Rossitza Iordanova

April 2, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

Rossitza Iordanova

Rossitza Iordanova

We got extremely lucky when Rosie walked through the doors of 826. Not only does she have tons of experience in journalism and public relations, but she also has the skills to tutor the higher level math and science students, which, for a writing center, are hard to come by.

Honestly, though: the best part was that she has, as she described it, all sorts of time on her hands (when she wasn’t studying to get into medical school!), and she further explained that she has a personality that requires her to remain busy at all times. (We’re not math people, but we’re pretty sure that Paragraph One + Paragraph Two = Awesome volunteer!)

Since October, Rosie has been volunteering twice a week at Ann Arbor Academy; she tutors at 826 twice a week; and she helped plan and teach a journalism workshop we conducted at Clague Middle School. Her contribution has been immeasurable!

We should also note that Rosie is extremely enthusiastic, she’s fantastic with students of all ages, she has a great sense of style, she doesn’t shy away from a challenge, she’s an amazing teacher, she’s not too bad on the eyes (read: gorgeous!), she knows how to lay down the law, and she is extremely humble in all that she does. By the way, we should also mention that she’s looking for a job and you’d be foolish not to hire her!

Also, as you can see from the picture, she’s made of magic, and she can actually cause sparks to shoot out of her hands.

Thank you, Rosie, for EVERYTHING you’ve done and continue to do for 826 and our students!

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