August 2006 – C. Jason DePasquale

August 1, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

C. Jason DePasquale

C. Jason DePasquale
It’s hard to know where to start when talking about C. Jason DePasquale (SEE JAY-son dee-PASS-quull). He’s been around for a long time. He helps us out a lot. And, he drives us a little crazy.

Let’s start here:

Is C. Jason really his name? Does he really make people call him that?

To be honest, C. Jason generally introduces himself as Jason. His name, though, is Charles Jason. When he was much younger, he went by Chuckie. His family moved to Texas when he was about ten, and after nine silent hours in the backseat, Chuckie said, “When we get to Texas, I want everyone to call me Jason.” And so it was.

C. Jason, as a name, largely came out of 826. We saw on his application that he’d written his name as C. Jason DePasquale (probably to sound impressive, and you have to admit, it does sound impressive), and we just started calling him C. Jason. This name was set in stone when two events happened concurrently: we bought a button maker, and Amy and John made up a game. Now, this game may sound kind of lame, but let me assure you, it is hours of fun. Just come up with different words that the C could stand for. Cosmic Jason, Class: Jason, Concussive Jason, Crucial Jason. Then it branched out into things like C. Jason Run. These buttons rocketed to instant cult status when the effervescent Maggie McMillin bought one at last year’s Monsters’ Ball. Suddenly, everyone wanted a C. Jason button.

Why is C. Jason volunteer of the month?

Because he stayed up for about a week straight to help us out with Art Fair. Because he has been around pretty much since the beginning. Because he facilitates a lot of workshops. And because he can draw awesome monsters.

Can he really draw awesome monsters?


Does he need help moving?

Oooo…sorry to say, you’re a little too late. He just finished moving into his new place. But thanks for asking; that’s really nice.

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