What are we up to around 826michigan? A lot! From Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair updates to program closures to news and views from our students and volunteers, our blog chronicles it all.

WednesdayApril 2018

At 826michigan, reading and writing are at the heart of everything we do. When you stop by the Detroit Robot Factory this spring, you’ll find our front doors have been transformed into a gallery of art work and words celebrating this very idea. In this project, our After-School Tutoring students…

WednesdayApril 2018

Once in a blue moon are we graced with volunteers like Maria Garcia. The University of Minnesota graduate is a chemist and chemical engineer. She’s also multi-faceted–she balanced her engineering course work with singing soprano in the campus choir and found time to master both French and Spanish. Maria walked…

TuesdayApril 2018

You are cordially invited to join 826michigan and guest of honor author Christopher Paul Curtis, along with special guest author Dave Eggers, for a delicious evening in the beautiful Zingerman’s Greyline in downtown Ann Arbor. STORYMAKERS DINNER is a celebration that honors important writers and their stories, from nationally known…

TuesdayMarch 2018

Hot Dog Man! By Unique B. Age 12 Estabrook Writers Club Introduction/Chapter 1: “Auuuu, I ate too much hot dogs at once. I’ll eat some more later when my stomach starts to digest,” said James as his belly started to growl. Sorry, didn’t see you there, you’re probably wondering why…

WednesdayMarch 2018

When we first met Ed, we realized we had a fantastic storyteller join the team — weaving tales (complete with hand gestures and voices) about his travels to Europe and his golf swing, all within our first hours of getting to know each other. Stories jumped out of Ed the…

WednesdayMarch 2018

826michigan is a high-energy, high-speed organization providing writing and tutoring programs to thousands of students, and our young authors are experts on running. Austin, a second grader, will tell you that running is the only way to escape from a saber-tooth bunny heading your way. Lauren, 12, wrote that Michigan…

FridayMarch 2018

The snow has melted (well, it did for a day or two), spring is on its way, but its always After-School Tutoring season at 826michigan! Monday through Thursday in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Ypsilanti, students shrug off their jackets, say hey to their tutor, grab some string cheese, and crack…

WednesdayFebruary 2018

Omari Baruti joined 826michigan in the fall of 2016 with the goal of leading STEM workshops in Detroit schools. To get started, he made it his mission to learn about 826 by volunteering as an after-school tutor on Liberty Street. There he has continuously helped students in all subject areas—from…

MondayFebruary 2018

Life Doesn’t Bother Me At All Either Claire Baker Age 8 Oxford Virtual Academy Wee-Bots at Redford – Detroit Public Library Looking at the door pacing on the wood floor. Scared to go out and tell the truth. Life does not bother me at all. Having big kids pick on…

WednesdayFebruary 2018

A few months ago the staff at 826michigan got super excited about the prospect of the amazing Desiree Cooper’s interest in facilitating a master workshop at the Detroit Robot Factory while she was in town on February 10. She constructed a workshop that was a beautiful combination of critical, engaging,…

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