Dedication, Style, & Warmth: Christopher Ankney is Volunteer of the Month!

September 8, 2014 | Volunteer of the Month

Chris Ankney

Christopher Ankney is a phenomenal part of the 826michigan volunteer team. For nearly two years, he has served in our robot shop as a robotier, treating the store as if it were his very own–during his TWO separate store shifts. He is so dedicated in fact, that he spent his birthday as a robotier! A group of Wee-Bots serenaded him while he wore a birthday cake hat–adorbs, anyone?

Christopher is an absolute fixture at 826michigan events. He is a past champion in Trivia for Cheaters and tackles competition at Volunteer Board Game Nights #likeaboss. He can be counted on to bring hilarity, warmth, and lots of fun to any gathering. He is also the number one supplier of Reduced Fat Cheez-Its and mouthwatering homemade pies. New volunteers often look to him for advice and support.

When Christopher isn’t serving as a robotier or helping new volunteers find their groove, he is working with students and co-teaching workshops using his stellar social media skills. In short, Christopher is a tremendous human being who contributes to 826michigan in many wonderful ways. Thank you so much, Christopher, for all that you do!

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