Designing Us: 826michigan Thanks Its Designers

July 10, 2013 | 826 Blog Post

bluegreen webAt 826michigan, we value great design. We also value great designers. It’s the Month of the Designer and we’re saying thank you to our design volunteers!

Over the last eight years, volunteer designers have touched every aspect of our work here at 826michigan, from the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair to our many publications to fundraising events to volunteer recruitment materials.

We are extraordinarily grateful to the dozens of people who have donated their time and their skill to help us further our mission and serve 2,500 students aged 6-18 with free creative writing and tutoring programs.

Please see below for an as-complete-as-we-could-possibly-get-it* list of the designers who have volunteered with 826michigan in the past eight years. If their name is highlighted in orange, the designer has a web presence — we encourage you to visit, and to consider supporting these designers in whatever way you can.

Nick Mitchell                                                  Angela Duncan Southern 
Oliver Uberti                                                  Calvin Rye
Lauren Trimble                                              Alisa Bobzien
Adrian Lyjak                                                   Aaron Bobzien of VG Kids 
John Klein Wilson                                         Jacob Reed of Ogmog
Sally Carson                                                 Jocelyn Edin and the designers of Q LTD
C. Jason DePasquale                                    Jenny Harley
Jared Hawkley                                              Enlighten
Kevin Woodland                                            Jeremy Wheeler
Nick and Yen Chin-Azzaro                            Maria Ines Montes
Catherine Hayes of Inner Circle Media        Christine Mencia
Katherine Axelsen                                        Erin Dreps
Molly McFarland                                           Sophie Nicolay
Lyla Lutz                                                       Mollie Edgar

*If you would like to submit a correction or comment to any part of this list, please contact Communications Coordinator Amy Wilson at


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