November 29, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

Those of you who caught BotChoir last December no doubt remember the moment referenced in the title of this blog. As you, no doubt, remember the binary version of “Carol of the Bells”, sung in the round. For those of you to whom this is completely foreign, read on!

Join us! This Friday! For Midnight Madness! The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair will be open late, late, super late, and we’ve got specials and everything! For example, you’ll be able to pick up any of our amazing student publications — the perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list, you can be sure — at 20 percent off the retail price!

We’ve also got 360 degrees of unique holiday-gift goodness. Take a look!

Including ever-popular items such as: the LED Menorah, robot hats, limited-edition robot travel posters, robot shirts and hoodies and tote bags, robot puzzles, wind-up robots, robot kidneys, positronic brains, and more, more, so-much-more! Shopping at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair is THE gift that keeps on giving this holiday season, as ALL PROCEEDS from the robot shop directly support 826michigan! Not only can you feel good about handing your friends and families and coworkers and mail carriers and so on a clever and unusual gift, you can also feel extra-good about the money you’re spending.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have snacks and such in the shop, and as if THAT wasn’t enough, we’ll once again have BotChoir for your viewing and listening enjoyment. Just what IS BotChoir? Why, it’s a dozen or so adults dressed up like robots singing robot-ized holiday carols, such as “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Robot” and “I Have A Little Robot (I Made It Out Of Steel)” every hour on the hour from 8-11pm. Stop by and check it out!

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