Genevieve the Generous

April 9, 2019 | 826 Blog Post

Genevieve Jones is a long-time roboteer, having started volunteering with 826michigan in Ann Arbor, she has continued to bring her passion for working with young people to our Detroit space this year. Her consistency and calm has been anchoring to our tutoring space at the Detroit Robot Factory. As we have grown our tutoring program and added new students and tutors her steadfast dedication to our young people has been a welcome help as we bear the pains of growth.


As one of our many consistent volunteers she has become an integral part of the community at Detroit After-school Tutoring. The encouragement and ease she lends our students has been so important to the creative space our students need to thrive. Aside from a stellar volunteer, Genevieve is an advocate and community builder who seeks to create equitable spaces. Whether it is in the coffee community she has worked in for many years, to the work she does with community organizations, and especially in her studies as a social worker Genevieve brings a level head, creativity, and genuineness to  everything she engages in and especially with our students

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