Get Addicted to Literacy

January 25, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Even though there is no violence at 826, we play a lot of hangman. It’s a
popular game toward the end hours of tutoring. Maybe we should change the
name to ‘dangleman.’

Uninteresting and barely relevant issues aside, we at 826 are overflowing
with joy as Febraury approaches. We have begun to see many new faces so
far this semester, and, combined with upcoming 826michigan fundraising
events, good things are bound to cascade upon us really hard. I’m no
mathematician, but I’m pretty sure the following is true:

Enthusiastic Volunteers + Spectacular Events = Success


Amy + Ryan x Nautical Rock = Please, Come to the 826michigan Benefit
Concert on February 9 at the Blind Pig!

That’s right. Scope out the event calendar. Thanks to karma, destiny,
and a whole lot of help from the community, we are able to offer such
spectacles, which in turn allows us to fund our programs, which attracts
more involvement from the community, which allows us to have more events,
and so on. It’s a cycle, friends, bordering on addiction. We’re like
chocoholics, but for great writing.

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