Leave It to Science to Ruin a Good Joke.

October 19, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

This blog is not really about this, but let’s start off with an anecdote:

At our Pun, Indented workshop last week, this happened:

Student one made a knock-knock joke in which someone named Boomer kept coming back and ringing the doorbell. Student two explained to student one that it’s actually a myth that boomerangs come back to you, to which student one replied: “Leave it to science to ruin a good joke.”

We couldn’t agree more, but that’s neither here nor there.

And now: The Actual Blog.

Last Thursday, we started up tutoring at Ypsilanti High. Some of you may remember that we did this last year as well. But, over the summer, we suspect, something magical happened. We can’t say what, or why, or how (and probably science would ruin it anyway), but suffice it to say we were unprepared for the demand for tutoring that met us upon arrival at YHS’s Media Center. The thirty students who showed up shocked our handful of tutors. What did we do? We made it work, friends. Erin said that the tutors showed great “fearlessness and honesty” as they helped these eager young minds. So, to our wonderful tutors: many thanks! And, to you: what are you doing Thursday afternoons this year?

Blog Appendix: Download a volunteer application here if you’d like to start volunteering. Email Erin if you are already a volunteer and would like to help!

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