No Bull: December's Volunteer of the Month is Ed Marsh!

December 2, 2013 | Volunteer of the Month

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No Bull: December’s Volunteer of the Month is Ed Marsh!

Ed Marsh is a volunteer who makes our whole tutoring lab light up when he walks in. Multi-talented, kind, funny, and full of intriguing stories to share, Ed has done many things since he started volunteering with us this spring, including boldly participating in one of our somewhat-theatrical Strange Mysteries field trips on his VERY FIRST DAY and serving as a facilitator in our summer Drop-in Writing programs. This fall, however, Ed found his niche at 826michigan: our Liberty Street Tutoring Lab.

Each Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll hear Ed’s fantastic laugh ringing through the tutoring lab as he works a student through his or her homework. Having taught nearly all grade levels himself, Ed has no fear and will gladly tackle any subject with good humor and verve. He’s gained a stellar reputation among our students, with several specifically requesting to work with Ed. (Some just skip the formality and run straight over to him before they even sign in.) When homework is done, Ed will help his student write or revise a BotJot, our writing prompt for the day. His patience, creativity, and skill for teaching shine through each day Ed comes to tutoring.

Sometimes we’ll find Ed at a table of three or four students, entertaining them with his gentle sense of humor. Sometimes we’ll find Ed warmly chatting with another tutor, making him or her feel at home at 826michigan. And sometimes we’ll find Ed telling our Tutoring Intern, Kat, the story of attending bullfighting school in Spain in the 1960s. Yes, you read that right: attending bullfighting school in Spain in the 1960s! We told you Ed was a multi-talented guy. Although he tells us he never actually fought any bulls, he says that in a pinch he think he might have stood a chance.

We’d root for Ed in any arena we found him. Thank you so much, Ed, for lending us your skills this year! With you around, 826michigan is a kinder, funnier, skilled-ier, braver, and better place.

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