Say…Did You Happen to Catch Us on the NBC Nightly News a Couple of Weeks Ago?

March 18, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

File Under: Moments My Heart Stopped for Just a Small Portion of Time. Picture it. You work at a non-profit tutoring lab that has a robot-themed storefront. You are watching the NBC Nightly News, and a story about 826 (the very non-profit you work for!) begins. (This, it should be known, was not a surprise; in fact, it was why you were watching in the first place.) But then! Your heart! Stops! When this flashes across the screen:

I can tell you first-hand, that seeing the very robot shop you work for on national television at the very moment that, I don’t know, thousands and thousands — hundreds of thousands? — of people see it is one of those oh what a feeling moments.

Have a go at it! Click here to see the piece. Go, go 826! (Yes, this puts us one very important step closer to the robot takeover.)

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