Shop Local, Shop Liberty!

November 26, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

It feels like it’s been the holiday season since before Halloween this year, and there’s been no avoiding those intense, annoying, and sometimes disturbing Black Friday commercials. (For the record, we don’t think stores SHOULD BE OPEN on Thanksgiving evening. Or at midnight on Thanksgiving. Or at 4am, for that matter.) There are any number of Occupy movements happening these days to varying success. We don’t feel it’s our place to get too political here at 826michigan, but ONE movement we DO get behind is Occupy Black Friday.

Shop Local this holiday season! Why brave terrifying parking lots and angry mobs at the big-box retailers? You can, we are almost certain, get gifts for everyone on your list at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. And this year, you can do so NO MATTER WHERE IN THE COUNTRY YOU ARE LOCATED. That’s right, this year, our very special holiday catalog is available online and features seventy of our most popular, most unique gifts. Check out our online store here. You can just click a few buttons, and we will send your gifts right to your very door for the very reasonable flat-rate shipping cost of $5!

I know what you’re thinking. Oh REALLY, Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair? You have something for my grandparents? They fear robots and have no need for a Fifty-Year Calendar. Oh, dear reader, but we DO! Did you forget that we have a variety of interesting and unusual books? Many of which were written by young people? Trust me, grandparents LOVE our student publications, regardless of whether or not they know the published authors within.

You know what else grandparents (and parents and siblings and coworkers and so on) like? COFFEE. This year, we are thrilled to have teamed up with the local coffee gurus at Roos Roast to bring you Roos Robot Roast, a hearty and delicious blend of beans sure to awaken creativity in the most tired of humans. Pair it with a robot shop mug, and you’ve got a useful, yummy, uniquely local gift for just $16 ($9 for the coffee, $7 for the mug, tax included)!

We also have tools and gadgets for people who like tools and gadgets. Kitchen accoutrements (robot measuring cups, a variety of timers, robot corkscrews, ice cube trays, and more!) for the cooks in your life. And, of course, all manner of apparel (t-shirts, onesies, hoodies, totes, hats!), robot-making kits, tin collectible robots, and more!

And, as ever, the BEST part of shopping locally at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair is that ALL PROCEEDS from the robot shop benefit the free student programs offered at 826michigan. It is, quite literally, the gift that keeps on giving. So not only will your friends and family be awed and delighted by your one-of-a-kind, incredibly clever gifts, they will be SUPER impressed that you are so community-conscious.

You’ve gotta buy some holiday gifts, no matter how you slice it. So why not think about where the money you spend is going? You worked hard for that money! We’ll put it to GOOD USE.

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