Thank you, Mindfield Family of Companies!

April 1, 2016 | 826 Blog Post

Mindfield Family of Companies

Choosing only one Supporter of the Month–every single month–is super difficult in the best possible way. Every three weeks or so, 826michigan staff wrestle over which business or community champion to single out for their tremendous contribution to our students. You might imagine that we’ve amassed a huge circle of friends after ten years–and you would be right. So this month, we’ve decided to temper the challenge by honoring three amazing businesses in Detroit: Mindfield, Republic Tavern, and the Grand Army Republic Building Detroit. They’re all connected through the Mindfield Family of Companies owned by business partners Tom Carleton, David Carleton, and Sean Emery, and it is the perfect time to recognize their contributions to fostering 826michigan’s visibility and growth. After all, we’re totally about to be neighbors. (Detroit Robot Factory, anyone?)

Just last week, Sean Emery (who also serves on the 826michigan Board) took a few moments to tell us about what inspires the Mindfield Family of Companies to support local youth and why they’re particularly struck by 826michigan students. We’re delighted to share his thoughts on what emboldens Mindfield, Republic Tavern, and the Grand Army Republic Building Detroit to specifically invest in 826michigan’s young writers.

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The Mindfield Family of Companies have been operating in downtown Detroit for 16 years. The owners (Tom Carleton, David Carleton, and Sean Emery) have had a love affair with the city going back even further–all the way to 1992. Seeing Detroit’s growth has been so rewarding. Participating in and helping to motivate it’s growth has been exponentially more so.  We understand that being invested in a community goes beyond doing just business there or living there. It involves working toward a better place for all of us, elevating the community in a way that all boats rise. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to contribute.

We’re especially proud to support 826michigan’s students and work because the pen is mightier than the sword. Giving students the opportunity to wield their pens and the confidence, encouragement, inspiration and guidance to help them tell their stories are gifts that can easily change the world. Words move mountains, make nations, change lives and so much more. They shape history and allow ideas to span centuries. To open that door for children and to see them happily walk through it is incredible to us.

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In my personal experience, serving on the 826michigan board has been wonderful and rewarding. I get caught up in the romance of writing and storytelling, but to see how the organization is run–professionally, passionately, efficiently, wisely, and most of all– effectively–is really special. Helping support the 826michigan team has been a great honor. What we especially hope shines through in our work across the board in the Mindfield Family of Companies–be it the team upstairs in the castle at Mindfield or the team downstairs at Republic and Parks and Rec–is that we love what we do. Having the opportunity to do great work in an iconic spot that quite literally hits all five senses on a daily basis for our corporate clients and the general public alike is beyond fortunate. It’s not work when you love doing it!


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826michigan remains incredibly grateful to the Mindfield Family of Companies for the many ways Mindfield, Republic Tavern, and the GAR Building have supported our work. More than once, Mindfield and the GAR Building have donated valuable work space to us for 826michigan strategic planning sessions and fundraising events designed to support the expansion of our programs to Detroit. Earlier this year, we hosted Parka Weather featuring National Book Award Finalist Angela Flournoy in the GAR castle and guests enjoyed a special meal prepared by Republic’s award-winning chef Sarah Welch. Every bit of generosity has been given with open arms and we truly value the support. In fact, the only thing the Mindfield Family of Companies won’t share with us is whether or not they’re also hosts of Ilvermorny–the North American counterpart to Hogwarts. On that point–for the sake of legends and magic and adventurers everywhere–we’ll keep investigating.

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