FridaySeptember 2011

There is No Blue Without Yellow and Without Orange: Fantastic Ekphrastic featuring Vincent van Gogh
Led by Angela Scott
Ages: 9-13, 15 students
Thursday, September 22, 6-7:30pm (one session)

Between 1881 and 1890 Vincent van Gogh was incredibly busy – he created over 900 pieces of art that would eventually touch millions of lives. The sad news for Vincent: he never sold a painting in his life. What is it about van Gogh’s paintings that captures our interest now? Who else has been inspired by van Gogh’s work? What feelings and stories do we imagine when we look at his art?

Come to this workshop and learn about all the different ways that art mediums feed off each other and how visual arts have inspired beautiful songs, poems and stories. We’ll write some poems and stories of our own and submit them to an annual writing contest held in van Gogh’s honor.

Angela Scott graduated with honors from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Art History, Creative Writing and Theater Arts/Communications. She is a passionate writer who often wonders what it would be like to jump into a painting and live there . . . currently van Gogh’s “Girl in Sunflower Garden” hangs on her wall.

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