Busy, Busy, BUSY!

September 16, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

Okay, lots to cover here, and who doesn’t love an itemized list, am I right? And in the interest of saving your time and ours, I’ll give you the Top 5:

  1. Amanda had her baby! Beatrix Eleanor was born last Thursday, right around noon. Nine pounds and healthy as can be! Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing great.
  2. Tutoring started! For the last two days, we’ve had about ten tutors and almost as many students; not bad for the first week, I can tell you from experience. We start our brand-new tutoring program at West Middle School in Ypsilanti tomorrow. (And, it’s too early to get into details right now, but I met up with the amazing students of the Michigan Education Reform Club at U of M last night, and their advisory professor and I had an incredibly exciting conversation about how we might partner with MERC for this project. Details forthcoming!)
  3. Fall Workshop Schedule starts Saturday!
    1. Workshops! You can find them here. We still have a couple that aren’t full.
    2. Drop-in ELL! Finally! An English Language Learners program! ELL students, please join us this Saturday at noon for fun and creative instruction on grammar and communication skills. This is for any and all English Language Learners aged 8 to 18. Click the link for workshops for more info.
    3. Drop-in Writing! Drop-in Writing starts this coming Monday at 6pm! If you are between the ages of 8 and 18, please join us for an hour of goofy-to-semi-serious-and-all-points-in-between writing exercises!
  4. Where the Wild Things Are special pre-screening! Click here to get your tickets. They have not even been on sale for a week yet and we are more than halfway to sold out, so do not tarry!
  5. Week of Wild Things! Find out about all our plans here. The kickoff is our Pajama Pub Crawl.

Okay, friends, THERE IS SO MUCH TO BE DONE, so I am off. Hope to see you soon at four out of the five items above. (Am I right in thinking it would be weird to see you all “at” Amanda’s baby?)

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