Day Two: "Frisee (lettuce that looks like hair)"

September 30, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

When the fine people at Café du Jour offered to do a soup and sandwich combo for our Week of Wild Things, and told us that the soup portion would be Wild Mushroom, we thought, Wild mushroom soup. That’s appropriate! Little did we know that the sandwich counterpart would be just as, nay, even MORE wild. In fact, they kindly took the time to explain what frisee looks like, just in case we didn’t know (and, to be fair, some of us didn’t).

Visit Café du Jour today, 117 W. Washington, and order this tasty combo:

Wild Boar Ham sandwich with Havarti Cream Cheese, Dill, Tomato, and Frisee, served with French Mustard on a Pretzel Roll; and Wild Mushroom soup.

826michigan receives a portion of the proceeds from today’s sales, and your belly receives joy and happiness.

Today also marks the introduction of “The Wild Thing,” an adult beverage created by Full Moon Bar, 207 W. Main Street. They tell us it tastes much like a chocolate mint cookie, to which we said: YUM. So, if you are an adult who likes chocolate mint cookies, perhaps in refreshing beverage variety, stop by the Full Moon all week to order The Wild Thing. Once again, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to us.

Whew! Tomorrow: The Institute for Monster Studies workshop…

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