December Student Writing Gallery

December 26, 2014 | 826 Blog Post

Welcome to our online writing gallery! On the 26th of each month, we publish 8 delightful pieces of student work (Get it?). This month, we’re showcasing our Program of the Month:


Ms. Harris’s Fourth-Grade Class at Haisley Elementary
Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
Team: The Purple Hippo Gumball Skeletons
Being Alive is Awesome

Being alive is awesome
sometimes you meet a possum
You name him Greg
He eats eggs
Being alive is awesome.
You get to go to cool places,
like movies and football games.
You can make lots of friends.
Making friends is a trip to Disney World.


Ms. Harris’s Fourth-Grade Class at Haisley Elementary
Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
Team: Spooky, Spectacular, Happy Hallo-Winners

Chalk on a blackboard
Screech! Screech! Words in the night sky!
Remember: Erase!


Ms. Champagne’s Third-Grade Class at Brick Elementary
Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
The Ballet, after “Dance Foyer at the Opera of the Rue le Peletier

They wake up
exhausted and sore.
Get dressed for lessons.


Ms. Cannon’s Third-Grade Class at Brick Elementary
Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
Ode to Thought

I think about
everyone thinking.
You’re where I get ideas.
Defeat the enemy,
or how to fly,
or do math.
I think that you think about
what I will be when I grow up.
And cobras! Dangerous!
I’m thinking about how the poem
could end.
I’m still thinking.


Ms. Harris’s Fourth-Grade Class at Haisley Elementary
Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
The Snowman Who Walked at Midnight

There once was a Halloween snowman,
who wished he had spooky red glow hands.
He’d scare all the kids,
so they all ran and hid,
but twas just a dream of an old man.


Ms. Newton’s Third-Grade Class at Estabrook Elementary
Storytelling and Bookmaking

Once upon a time on the alien fire-planet of Newpiter in the year 2050, Sparkle-Girl and Penn the Flaming Bullman were keeping watch over their fair planet. This brother and sister team of superheroes worked constantly to protect the planet from their nemesis, Dr. Gooey the Slimy-Man. Dr. Gooey had one goal: he wanted to take over Newpiter and turn it into his own personal planet, Goopiter.

On one of their patrols, Sparkle-Girl and Penn the Flaming Bullman discovered Dr. Gooey’s machine in a scary, creepy, and all-sad secret passage under the planet. The machine was giant! It was as tall as a house. This giant machine was built to seep gross goo through all the underground caves and then cover Newpiter in goo.

“We need to stop this machine,” said Sparkle-Girl.

“I’ll take care of Dr. Gooey,” said Penn. “ You stop this machine.”

Sparkle-Girl got right to work. She fired her sparkles at the machine. Her sparkles went into all the ports and joints of the machine. It exploded! KAPOW!

Meanwhile, Penn set off to find Dr. Gooey. He didn’t have to look far. Dr. Gooey was hiding in those same under-planet passages.

Dr. Gooey stepped from a secret cave and spit goo all over the ground. Suddenly, the gross goo grew into Dr. Gooey’s Goosters. There must have been one thousand! They all had beaks like roosters, but they were made of goo.

Instead of fighting the thousand Goosters, Penn put on a disguise. He didn’t have time to fight so many Goosters. So instead, he put on a Gooster beak and snuck right past the confused Gooster horde.

Dr. Gooey wasn’t fooled at all. “So, we meet again!” exclaimed Dr. Gooey dramatically.

Penn took off his beak and said, “Aw man, we do meet again.”

Suddenly, Sparkle-Girl appeared. She had flown over the Goosters, using her Sparkle-Powers to turn invisible.

“You may have foiled one of my plans, but I have a backup machine!” shouted Dr. Gooey.

A tiny cube emerged from his stomach, and it grew and grew and grew and grew into a giant house-sized machine.

“That first machine was only a decoy! Ha! Ha! Ha!” laughed Dr. Gooey.

“Wha-Cha!” screamed Penn.

Dr. Gooey laughed at such an absurd catchphrase. “Okay, you want to Wha-Cha? Well then, I say ‘Rise Goosters!’”

And then the thousand Goosters surrounded Penn and Sparkle-Girl and began spitting goo.

“Face my sparkle-wrath!” shouted Sparkle-Girl.

“Dah-duh, bleep-bop,” went the machine . . .


Ms. Rodriguez’s Third-Grade Class at Wines Elementary
Storytelling and Bookmaking

Once upon a time in the darkest days of 1994, there existed a town called Superton. In the distance, there was a bad village named Badville inside a volcano. The towns of Superton and Badville did not get along because the citizens of Badville were trying to recruit the superheroes to the evil side.

One day, Badville sent a storm to Superton to kidnap Dr. Freckles, the mayor of Superton. She was in her secret underground office talking to meterologists about the coming storm. She sat in her office wearing her matching polka dotted dress, lab coat, and cape.

“Give me a status report, STAT!!” Dr. Freckles said. “What is the weather like right now?”

Dr. Freckles did not know that her trusted meterologists had been replaced by evil bad guys from Badville. They disguised themselves as superheroes by shopping at a superhero store in Superton. This way, they were able to convince Dr. Freckles that there was no storm on the way.

Dr. Freckles whistled for her team of fluffy bunnies to distribute flowers, ice cream, and pie to the citizens of Superton. Her trusted sidekick Bunny Boy named Carrot stayed with her.

The evil villians, named Dr. Pumpkin-Head, Superdude (who really is a bad guy), Mrs. Mouse, and Captain Blue Barnacles had been sent by the Mayor of Badville, evil Dr. Mustache, to kidnap Dr. Freckles. Carrot was left behind.

When they arrived back in Badville, Evil Dr. Mustache was twirling his floor length mustache. His mustache was able to trap people in it.

“Everything is going according to plan!!” Evil Dr. Mustache said. He was wearing his favorite outfit of a top hat and tuxedo made of mustache hair.

“HAHA!! Serves you right!” Evil Dr. Mustache said.

“Awwww,” Dr. Freckles replied.

“ARRRRR . . . We present to you Dr. Freckles,” Captain Blue Barnacles said.

“Tie her up!” Evil Dr. Mustache said. Mrs. Mouse did as he ordered.

“You will never get away with this! Carrot the Bunny Boy will come to my rescue!” Dr. Freckles said. She gave her summoning call to bring Carrot to her. “Yoddle-aye Carrot!”

Bunny-boy Carrot and the legion of bunnies arrived.

“How did you get past my guards?” Evil Dr. Mustache asked.

“We dug through a secret tunnel,” Carrot the Bunny-Boy explained to Evil Dr. Mustache . . .


Mr. Carnegie’s Fifth-Grade Class at Haisley Elementary
Choose Your Own Adventure
An exciting excerpt from The Adventure of the Pickle People and the Cucumber Community: A Story of Mayhem and Pickles

Page 3

You try to call your grandpa, but you forgot to charge your phone. You need to find an outlet. Luckily, the Pickle-Master knows everything about these underground caves. The Pickle-Master simply moves a nearby rock. Behind it, you find the outlet. You plug in your phone and charge it. The underground cave is full of power, so your phone charges instantly.

You dial your grandpa’s phone number — the pickle emergency hotline. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!  The Pickle-Master’s phone rings, surprisingly.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you, but I am your grandpa.” says the Pickle-Master. “I couldn’t trust anyone with the special moon-pickle recipe. It is too powerful, I had to keep it a secret.”

He hands you an ancient scrap of paper shaped like a pickle. On it reads the moon-pickle recipe.

The moon pickle recipe:
1 Cup Moon Dust
2.5 Cups Pickle-Fairy Sparkles
2 Moonspoons Green Powder from other pickles
An actual pickle
1 asteroid half your size

Smash ingredients with a moon-branch for twenty seconds. Wait one hour. Stuff it in another pickle. Use your fire elemental powers to roast the pickle. It will taste bad, but it will give you superpowers if you eat it during a lunar eclipse. Don’t let it fall into the wrong hands, like any sort of cucumber-monster. It will give terrifying superpowers to that monster.

“Oh yeah,” your grandpa, the Pickle-Master remembers, “I already made one moon-pickle a century ago. It is lost somewhere in these caves.” The lunar eclipse occurs later that day. You don’t have much time.

If you search the caves for the existing moon-pickle, go to page 6.

If you assemble the ingredients and make your own moon-pickle, go to page 7.

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